At Payless Window and Siding, we specialize in home improvement projects that make your home a more versatile and well-functioning mechanism.

While we provide comprehensive garage services, the fact still remains. Based on your home's size and anatomy, you will find limitations in extensions for garages. Carports are a smart and economical alternative that gives you more space and coverage, without having to enact major renovations on your garage. Given our wide-ranging expertise, our Payless team members are at liberty to create exemplary carports from the ground up. We build our inventory from scratch, using only top-pedigree materials to ensure your carport is optimized for longevity.


It seems like a simple enough concept, but not all people are familiar with the differences between carports and garages. The differences between the two are small yet significant, even though both structures are created to protect automobiles. Payless creates custom carports in Amarillo TX, designed to fit in optimally with the space allotted. We can procure carports of multiple sizes and shapes depending on how much space you have to work with, and what the carport is supposed to be protecting.

When distinguishing between a garage and a carport, it is important to remember that a garage is attached to a building and carports are usually two-walled. Although, the versatility of carports allows for a multitude of different builds and styles. There's a lot more freedom in where and how you place carports, and how they're attached to walls.

Carports are typically not tantamount to garages in terms of protection, but they offer a lot more coverage and safety than leaving a car or automobile without any coverage. In Texas, carports make a lot of sense considering we don't receive exceptionally cold weather. We create carports Amarillo homeowners will find adequate in terms of coverage and protection. Carports offer a lot of versatility where it's not always possible for garages. Extending a garage to accommodate more cars will require major construction on your home's infrastructure. On the contrary, Payless designs carports from the ground up, and we're able to mix and match features as you choose without ever having to touch your home.


The benefits of carports are pretty self-explanatory, but like most home improvement projects, there are a lot of ways to increase the quality and protective nature of our offerings. In essence, not all carports are created equally. In fact, a lot of carports can be purchased online in their full form. At Payless, we take the time to custom curate your carport using exceptional materials and fortified building practices.

We take care of every part of the process from its build to its installation on your property. Our priority is to curate custom carports Amarillo TX residents will find reflect the regional needs of our city. Knowing what climate issues we face in the Texas panhandle, helps us create carports that reflect the most pressing environmental wear and tear threats. While a carport can't offer the exact same protection as a garage, when it's conscientiously built, you'd be surprised to see just how well our carports hold up by comparison.

Carports offer shelter to your automobiles, while also adding curb appeal and value to your home. Home improvements should thus always be carried out in a way that exponentially increases value. Why settle for a shoddy and generic carport, when you can invest slightly more and receive something clean-cut and custom? We tackle any project that you can envision while ensuring it looks uniform with the rest of your home. As purveyors of craft and artistry, we strongly believe in producing home improvements that add value and sophistication to your exterior. At Payless, we create carports Amarillo clients will find encapsulate the ideal merger of style and function. We make it possible for our clients to enjoy both, at reasonable price points.


Our custom carports are rendered with the dimensions of your property and land in mind. We can place carports in an area where driveway and concrete already exists or, we can find innovative ways to create more space. As a holistic home improvement provider, many of our services at Payless tend to overlap. We focus on multiple facets of the installation process which extend far beyond the build. As a result, we can create a carport that integrates beautifully with the rest of your property. Whereas ordering a carport or buying one without considering the context of your home and property can make your carport appear isolated thematically.

We structure our carports with dimensions and measurements idealized for your space. While technically there are other materials you could use to craft your carport, you will find that metal is by and large the most popular material available. Metal is a solid choice for carports located in just about any climate. Metal is a reliable material with a lot to offer in terms of protection. It combats weather effectively and isn't exorbitantly expensive to manipulate and maintain.

Essentially, metal carports can protect your vehicles against any number of different weather conditions including hail, acid rain, ice perils, hurricane, snow, and much more. Hence why metal is continuously cited as one of, if not the best, materials for carports. A lot of clients often wonder about how the metal will look aesthetically. Understandably so, as a carport will add a significant structure to your yard. We create carports Amarillo homeowners love given their versatility especially when it comes to vanity. You won't have to sacrifice appearances for function and vice versa.


Payless is passionate about creating carports that are designed to withstand elements while also showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences, giving us additional context and insight into what your preferences are. Above all else, we'll gift you with a carport that increases the value of your home, works effectively to combat weather issues, and maintains reliability and structure well into old age. Home improvement isn't just our livelihood, it's our passion, whether we're pouring concrete or crafting extraordinary carports Amarillo loves and endorses our work.