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The art of siding is something our technicians have spent the better part of 18 years perfecting. If you're not familiar with siding and the art thereof, here is an explanation of siding and how it operates in conjunction with the rest of your home's anatomy.

The Best Siding Contractors In Amarillo Tx

Much like your roof, siding plays a pertinent role in protecting your household against the elements. Over time, even expertly installed siding can accrue problems, which is why it's important to invest in a high-quality variety.

Siding is far from infallible, which is why we recommend fixing any issues expeditiously. When it comes to erosion and wear and tear, a small issue in your siding can quickly snowball into a major one. As a result, if you're unsure about the current functionality of your siding we're the top amongst siding companies in Amarillo Texas to provide care at every level from maintenance to repair.


At its most basic function, siding exists for two crucial reasons. Its first is to protect from the elements like snow, hail, ice, or rain. Of course, there are more components at play in the protection of your home, however, siding is the preliminary barrier. Secondly, siding serves an aesthetic purpose. It creates a sense of uniformity thus boosting curb appeal in the process. Siding's most common failure occurs when it succumbs to water infiltration. Any amount of water in your home's foundation is threatening to its welfare, and poor siding allows water to come in at various access points. Siding also plays a significant role in protecting against wind. Here in the Texas panhandle, we receive consistent wind threats that can prove dangerous for your siding. Hence why it's imperative to stay consistent with its upkeep.

We utilize state-of-the-art materials to ensure your home is protected and insulated from the elements. Our pristine installation and repair services paired with top-quality material bring our customers satisfaction and peace of mind. Payless has gained a reputation of excellence for providing customers with proven results time and again. Our builds install confidence solidifying us as the undisputable leader among siding companies in Amarillo Texas.

For years we've worked with different varieties of materials to ensure we can properly restore the siding of your home. Whether it's liquid finish siding or vinyl siding Amarillo residents can trust Payless to expertly fix and restore any ailment. With almost two decades of experience, we're the obvious choice for a seasoned and meticulous approach to any siding replacement, repair, or installation.


A reputable siding technician should be able to provide you with details regarding the different types of siding and point you in the right direction. As with any type of home improvement material, there are options to choose from. The key is knowing what material makes the most sense for your home based on several factors. Your Payless expert will be able to brief you on the different siding types and their benefits. In the meantime, here are some popular siding material options and their usages.

By and large, the most common type of material for siding is vinyl. There are many reasons why vinyl is commonly used, however, the biggest advantages to the material are its durability and variation in color. As far as appearances are concerned, there's very little you can't render using vinyl. Furthermore, vinyl is still the most durable option available. It is easy to care for and maintain.

Liquid siding is actually an extension of vinyl and can be used to instantly boost curb appeal and increase property value. It serves as a revolutionary coating system, similar to paint, but without all the hassle of having to repaint continuously. Highly breathable, color-rich, and sustainable, liquid siding offers major benefits at a cost-effective price. We specialize in liquid siding Amarillo homeowners can utilize at their request.

Depending on your desired outcome, other siding options will take on a different aesthetic look. For example, wooden siding is very durable and appears more rustic. Nonetheless, it is generally more expensive due to its vulnerability to rot and damage. Aluminum is also an option, albeit aluminum is very cheap and generally not so durable.

As always, it's our desire to work with our clients and find the proper solution based on a multitude of factors. With that in mind, we usually end up recommending a vinyl siding unless residents are interested in procuring a very distinctive feel. With the versatility that vinyl siding offers, there's very little we can't manipulate or tweak to fit your aesthetic wishes. All the while maintaining the durable nature of vinyl. Ultimately, we usually recommend a vinyl siding Amarillo homeowners can play around with to fit their specific optics. However, we're always happy to discuss at length the benefits and drawbacks of just about any siding style imaginable. If 18 years has gifted us anything, it's the ability to draw on the pros and cons in a heartbeat.


Below is a brief overview of the siding services that we offer. We'll begin any service by first evaluating the current state of your home's siding and providing a recommendation thereafter. We'll keep you informed every step of the way, providing insight into the issue and offering the proper advisory based on our diagnosis.

Maintenance: Perhaps your home's siding isn't in need of comprehensive repairs. By contrast, regular maintenance helps ensure the functionality of your home. Siding that is well maintained can help with curb appeal, property value, and energy efficiency. Moreover, it helps keep the larger issues at bay.

Repair: Repair costs will vary, contingent on several factors. Even so, it's still a typically cheaper alternative than a full-on replacement. The need for siding repair can occur as a result of damaged sections, holes, dents, water and rot infiltration, or various missing pieces. We can also fix smaller-scale installation issues with our repairs.

Replacements: In some cases, repair and replacement go hand-in-hand. With that said, sometimes a replacement will require major overhauls. This can come as a result of major oversights in the installation process in addition to extreme storm damage. The best way to avoid long-term issues is to work with a reputable contractor. Always perform the proper vetting with your technicians as certain missteps by unqualified siding companies in Amarillo Texas can leave you with substantial repair costs down the line. Fortunately, we can fix a myriad of issues and ensure the workmanship behind the job is copasetic.